Motorcycle season is here!

It seems I finally got everything on my Ulysses together, just as temperatures went up to summer levels.

The kickstand arrived yesterday. Having worked my proverbial donkey off for a few weeks, and with more work coming up in the evening, I took half the afternoon off to get the bike done.

To get at the bolts that hold the kickstand fastening bracket, the muffler needs to be removed. I managed to do that without removing the drive belt tensioning wheel as per the service manual, but it was a lot of work – especially when replacing it. Without the proper tools, however, I didn’t have much of a choice.

The main difference between the original ’06 XB12X kickstand and the new one, was the pivot bolt, which was replaced with a solid-looking, machined pivot pin. I hope this one will stand up a bit better to normal use.

Now I have a time for the legal part (checkup) on Monday. Hopefully, they’ll accept my race muffler, or I’ll have to do it again within a month – but anyway, at least I’ll be able to ride until then.