First real ride

Map of the ride
Today's ride - about 300 kms of great fun

Today, I finally got my shit eating grin back: I woke up at 6 am to have my bike inspected. I left the house at 7, and rode to the gas station in Skee. From there, I rode straight up to Bengtsfors. Conditions were simply great – I had about 20 minutes to wait when I got there. The Uly passed through the inspection with flying colors, even though it had the race kit mounted. The guy who inspected it obviously liked the Buell bikes, and showed some knowledge I didn’t expect, which was kind of nice. Not being very tall, he didn’t want to risk dropping the bike, and simply skipped the test ride they usually do, but instead immediately took up the payment and let me go.

The bike cooling down while I adjusted my earplugs

So I proceded to rip up from Bengtsfors up to Årjäng, back to Hån, Norwegian Örje, down to Tistedal and Halden, and finally back to Strömstad to have a cup of coffee with Tanja.

The ride was actually pretty cold, and it made me glad I decided to mount my grip heaters. Without them, I don’t think I would have taken the long way back home. But as it was, I’m really glad I did – this part of Scandinavia is beautiful and offers great riding even at almost-legal speeds thanks to the rolling hills and the many twists and turns.