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Test whether a git pull is needed from within a batch script

Just a quick hack I did to avoid having to sync a couple of scripts unnecessarily when deploying my load balancers. Underlying idea stolen from a post by Neil Mayhew on Stackoverflow. Shell session script: #!/bin/bash UPSTREAM=${1:-‘@{u}’} LOCAL=$(git rev-parse @) REMOTE=$(git rev-parse “$UPSTREAM”) BASE=$(git merge-base @ “$UPSTREAM”) if [ $LOCAL = $REMOTE ]; then GIT_STATUS=nochange […]

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Environment variables for services in a systemd-based system

My current config deployment automation project has required me to set up a dev/staging environment for my load balancers, since I don’t want to break stuff by deploying untested configurations. This environment is functionally identical to a single load balancer and can be used along with a hosts file on a client to not only […]

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Continuous Deployment of Load Balancer Configurations

I thought I’d describe some optimizations I’ve made to my load balancers at work, both for the good of the older me, and in case someone would benefit from some of my ideas. Background The load balancers are based on four software packages that integrate to create a powerful whole: Keepalive Daemon provides a common […]

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Load balancing a Citrix StoreFront

This is well-documented by Citrix too; I just thought I’d write a few lines on a gotcha I happened upon: Load balancing the Citrix StoreFront has two prerequisites: The StoreFront servers must see the load balancer VIP when looking up the service FQDN. The load balancers must be configured with session affinity, since it doesn’t […]