At work I am a senior ops guy balancing the wrangling of traditional servers with modernizing workflows and culture together with my colleagues. A job well done is when a task that used to be a challenge only to be attempted in the wee hours of a Sunday night is turned into a regularly recurring routine process that’s usually performed during office hours with no negative business impact. Twenty years in the business and a lifelong curiosity has allowed me to work on demanding and rewarding projects with some extraordinary people, and I continuously keep learning to use powerful tools across the entire technology stack.

On a personal level the amount of spare time and capacity for time consuming outdoor hobbies I used to have is currently somewhat limited by an awesome little guy who was a bit unlucky in the genetic lottery. Among the most rewarding things I have the opportunity to do, I count reverse engineering human language and behavior to help my son function as well as possible in our world and with other people. This too is a team effort in which I share with my wife and a great group of subject experts at our regional habilitation team.

I hope you find something interesting here in my little corner of the web.

Mikael Hansson

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