DNS, DDNS, and DHCP on a Linux router – Part 2

(Update 2022-07-15: I have set up a Git repository containing the example files used in this post to simplify understanding of the file and directory structures.) In a previous post I described how to set up a simple and efficient router and perimeter firewall on just about any computer. What I kind of glossed over… Continue reading DNS, DDNS, and DHCP on a Linux router – Part 2

Head: Meet Wall.

I spent way more time than I’m comfortable disclosing, troubleshooting an issue with an AD-attached Oracle Linux server that wouldn’t accept ssh logons by domain users. We use the recommended sssd and realmd to ensure AD membership. Everything looked good, and I could log on using an account that’s a member of the Domain Admins… Continue reading Head: Meet Wall.

Simple DNS over HTTPS setup

I read that Mozilla had been named an Internet villain by a number of British ISPs, for supporting encrypted DNS queries using DNS over HTTPS. I guess the problem is that an ISP by default knows which sites you browse even though the traffic itself is usually encrypted nowadays, since the traditional way of looking… Continue reading Simple DNS over HTTPS setup