Troubleshooting vSphere update woes

It’s 2020 and I still occasionally stumble on products that can’t handle international characters. I’ve been running my update rounds on our vSphere environment, but one host simply refused to perform is update compliance check. To troubleshoot, I enabled the ssh service and remoted in to the host, looking for errors in /var/log/vua.log. Sure enough,… Continue reading Troubleshooting vSphere update woes

SSL load balancing with HAProxy in VMWare

So this is a new project I’ve recently finished. Objective Create a secure high availability (HA) load balancing service spreading user load across two pairs of two servers, providing two different sets of services: One service requires SSL passthrough, while the other is a websockets connection over SSL, where the use of a proxy demands SSL termination. Securing communications with the web… Continue reading SSL load balancing with HAProxy in VMWare