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Fullscreen Gaming in Gnome

1 minute read

I’ve been mostly enjoying doing my gaming in Fedora Linux, but the last couple of versions have been mildly irritating, in that some games were unable to gai...

Prometheus data from PowerShell

2 minute read

At work we have a system which is dependent on fetching email from an on-premises Exchange server via Exchange Web Services (EWS). Apparently there’s a “wont...

Ansible Secrets Management with 1Password

1 minute read

I’m migrating my work code repositories from an on-prem GitLab instance to GitHub as part of an integration project we’re working on. One of the consequences...

Happy Network News

2 minute read

I started writing a completely different story last weekend, but life is like an assorted box of network cables, and here we are.

FreeBSD After a Couple of Months

3 minute read

It’s now been almost four months since I relapsed into running some FreeBSD servers, and I’ve now had time to lift them through my first FreeBSD major versio...