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Connecting to Home from Abroad

3 minute read

A long time ago I set up a VPN server on my pfSense network gateway. Then I switched away from pfSense, and then Covid happened, and during a number of years...

Fixing Performance Issues in Dirt Rally 2.0

less than 1 minute read

A while ago I suddenly began seeing wild framerate fluctuations and gradual performance drops as stages progressed in my current favorite car game, Dirt Rall...

Lenovo X260 as a Unix workhorse

1 minute read

I’m writing this post from an old Lenovo X260 on which I’ve installed Fedora 39. For desktop usage this is currently my favorite Linux distribution: It suppo...

Alternatives to ESXi in the Home Lab

4 minute read

On Valentine’s day this year, Broadcom did what many of us expected it to do, and decapitated the free vSphere (ESXi) hypervisor.

Messing With the Badguys

3 minute read

Scrolling through my HAProxy logs, I got a bit miffed at the amount of bot traffic I saw attempting to access nonexistent paths obviously looking for weaknes...