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Getting My Ducks in a Row

1 minute read

My home environment is mostly set to auto-update when new things are available - including my hypervisors. Occasionally, things would restart but my web serv...

Evidence-based IT Operations

5 minute read

A significant part of our time dealing with computers in some role or other, is spent troubleshooting why something happens that differs from what we intende...

GitOps website deployment with Gitea

3 minute read

I’m slowly simplifying and minimizing my home server environment for no particular reason other than enjoying the KISS principle.

FreeBSD Base Configuration

2 minute read

A while back I realized I haven’t been running FreeBSD since almost a decade, when I used it along with CARP for my first HAProxy load balancer pair at work....

A nice baguette

2 minute read

For once a very non-technical post.